Easy Access Combo Drawers

Videos - Easy Access Combo drawers

These videos will answer many of your questions regarding which type of drawer system is best suited to your needs.

These are PREMIUM ALLOY  and PREMIUM STEEL drawer systems in the Easy Access Combo configuration that places the fridge down low beside the drawers.

Scroll down for videos listed by VEHICLE BRAND.

Enjoy and thank you for watching.

The RV Team.

• DRAWERS - Different systems explained

Which is the best 4WD Storage System for me?
Hayden Oliver gives you an insight into the different styles of drawer we make here at RV...
Easy Access Combos - what is the benefit?
Mark Oliver looks at the benefits of this type of drawer system.

Alloy Easy Access Combo's
1 and 2
Both of these drawer systems will give you the advantage of having a big fridge down low where it's easy to access plus save weight for your GVM!


Ford Everest Alloy Easy Access-1 Drawers & Cargo Barrier
Alloy Easy Access 1 drawers system with heavy duty fridge slide and our half cargo barrier fitted to the popular Everest wagon.
PX Ranger shows Easy Access Combo
This clip looks at all configurations for the PX.


Prado 150 EAC-1 plus Half Cargo Shelf
A look at Prado 150 with the Easy Access Combo 1 drawer with FS-1 slide fitted down low and Half Cargo Shelf.
76 Series LandCruiser Easy Access Combo drawer systems.
76 Series Part 2. looks at Easy Access Combo drawer systems and Freestanding Fridge Slides to get your BIG fridge down low where access is easy.
200 Series Land Cruiser 4WD Drawer systems by RV
Let's look at RV Drawer storage systems for your Land Cruiser 200 Series. Premium Twin, EcoLite Twin and Easy Access Combos.
FJ Cruiser 4WD Easy Access Combo drawer
RV's Easy Access Combo-1 drawer system and fridge  slide and popular Twin Drawer system with the new side opening FS-2-SO fridge  slide.


Amarok Easy Access Combo 1 with FS-3.5 slide
Wow, a single drawer with huge 1400 long fridge slide to keep that big fridge down low, for easy access.