Safety Standards

Safety Standards

Crash testing and A.D.R. Compliance has been performed on all our products under the name of the Oliver Family during the various stages of product development. The Compliance pertains to any and all companies run by the Oliver Family both past and present.

A.D.R Compliancy. What does it mean and why?

Many people manufacture devices to add to vehicles both commercially and privately. Mostly everyone I know has made something for their car to hold, attach or store something at one time or another.
Anyone can make a box, call it a storage system and put it in the back of a vehicle. Is it safe? Will it stay there in the event of an accident?
Can you attach a legal cargo barrier to it? Can you attach child restraints to it?
The answers to all these questions if you ask their maker, will be no.
It is not a legal requirement to have storage systems ADR compliant. It should be!!! If I was investing hard earned cash into my vehicle, I would want it to last, be family friendly and child safe (and tested to be sure) for peace of mind.
Some manufacturers take the responsibility of their role as manufacturers seriously. RV Trade & Fleet P/L are one of those manufacturers, our customers safety is paramount .

Grad Zivkovic and his team of Automotive engineers of Australian Automotive Safety P/L in South Australia test all of RV T&F products to the relevant ADR rules and regulations and our products are not released to the market unless they pass and are deemed safe.
Vist their website for more information on the procedures and to see what's involved.

Drawer Systems  ADR42/03

Rated RV Trade & Fleet storage systems can carry 250kgs (ADR42/03) of evenly distributed weight in and on the system. This includes the fridge, recovery gear etc. We believe this is more than is required for any trip. It is good to know that it has been tested at this extreme weight and held safe to the vehicle in a crash test
Other manufacturers may claim to have crash tested similar products. It is important to know that when RV T&F crash test products, they are not individually tested but tested together in a real crash scenario.
Our systems are rated to carry 250kgs. Our barriers are rated to 60kgs (AS/NZS 4034.2:2001)

Cargo barriers and top shelf combo’s.  AS/NZS 4034.2:2001

Our ADR rated Cargo Barrier, Top Shelves and Dividing Barriers are attached to the storage systems when tested. It's important to know that all products will stay together if an accident occurs.

Weight issues

RV T&F work closely with Automotive Safety Engineering P/L in product design and load carrying capacity. Weight is always an issue when adding equipment, gear and off road products to the vehicle. RV T&F rate the carrying capacity of their gear based on the manufacturers specified carrying capacity of the vehicle. It is under these guidelines that we crash test and then give the gear a rated maximum load . These tests do not allow for other modifications.

Child Restraints ADR3/02

RV T&F have taken occupant safety a step further by crash testing child restraints for ADR compliance in conjunction with a fully loaded storage system.
Once a storage system is installed over the traditional child restraint fittings in the floor of the vehicle, they become unusable and it is unsafe to try and do so. RV T&F can install up to 3 child restraint anchorages to the rear of the storage system on both the left and right sides plus the centre of the system.
 If child restraints are ordered at the time of purchase they can be factory fitted to the storage system and meet Australian Design Regulation ADR3/02.
They are also available as individual kits for retro fitting. RRP $25.00 each supply only.
Considerable time, effort and expense is put into ensuring that if you put RV T&F gear in your vehicle, you and your family will be safe wherever you go.


If you intend to make any permanent or temporary changes to either the load capacity or seating capacity of your vehicle, RV T&F strongly recommend that you speak to your relevant state regulatory authority.