Black Widow - What Happened

Black Widow - What Happened

Mark and Karen Oliver conceived and created Black Widow storage systems in 1992 when they built their own 4WD drawer system for their family camping and fishing trips in their old MQ Patrol.

It wasn’t long before the word got out and they began building storage systems for a living a few years later.
Innovative designers and manufacturers, the Oliver’s Black Widow soon became a household name and enjoyed many years of success and growth.

2012 onwards saw the beginnings of the end when countless Chinese products flooded our market and our then largest customer ARB, decided to also use the Chinese made product. We could no longer effectively compete at the size we had grown to. Our products were being copied left, right and centre.

With 58 staff and a hectare of factory and machinery, we were told by our then bank, Westpac, we were being called in even though we never missed a payment. They called it debt to service ratio contract breach.

TJM corporation bought our old designs from the administrator of which, the Oliver family did not receive one cent.
The price was the equivalent of 6 days takings. Not much for over 20 years work !!

Black Widow drawer systems are now made by Schiavello who are Office furniture manufacturers in Melbourne on behalf of TJM. It is the Oliver families' understanding that this is a short term arrangement and the production of Black Widow Drawer’s will soon move to Asia .

Black Widow ceased manufacturing in January 2015. 

The upside to this whole affair is that the Oliver’s paid all their staff, suppliers and etc, 100 cents in the dollar. It cost us 4 million dollars and we just about lost everything we had worked for, for all those years.
We can carry our heads high.

The Future

RV Storage Solutions is the result, Australian made products, exciting new innovative designs built with our own machinery, by a proud Australian family.

So we are now a small family owned business and doing what we love. Manufacturing and using 4WD products right here in Australia, by Australians for Australians. 

Thanks you to all our friends and supporters and all our new friends and customers we are making daily.

The Oliver Family.